Passion and emotion in jewellery

The precious metals (e.g. gold/silver) workshop and gallery Zee Zand Zilver (sea, sand, silver) is located on the Frederik Hendrikplein 53 by the Frederik Hendriklaan a well known shopping area. The workshop is part of the gallery; where the work-benches, machines and tools are all found within the same area, and where work from various silver/goldsmiths, artists and designers are exhibited. Due to the fact that some of the walls were broken through to create more space, the area where soldering takes place is clearly visible from the gallery.

In the gallery, you will not only find an extensive collection of modern jewellery, but also on exhibition are items of ceramic and glass as well as paintings. The jewellery is often made from precious metals (e.g. gold/silver) but you can also find jewellery made from materials such as felt, paper and even rubber. All jewellery is made by designers from The Netherlands as well as from abroad and is always hand-made.

Zee Zand Zilver has a permanent selection of jewellery and items on offer from: Nicoline van Boven, Ping An Brouwers, Leo Cahn, Jorge Gil, Anneke Harting, Martine Knoppert, Marieke Linders, Antoaneta en Emanuela Ramjuly, Renate Ritskes, Bernarda Roelofs, Greetje Sieders, Ellen van Toor, Wim Verbakel, Queenie Visser, Daniel Vior, Marcin Zaremski and others.

In our workshop we conduct repairs, made to order assignments and re-use old golden and silver jewellery in new creations.


Zeeuws Mosselbestek

Zeeuws Mosselbestek for sale at
Zee Zand Zilver
As a set for only €29,50


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