Project Description

For more than 20 years, Daniel Vior gets his inspiration and designs his artistic creations in the heart of Barcelona. He likes to work on Silver that he deforms, ornaments with precious stones and / or applies home-made coloured enamels. From a concept, he designs a formal drawing that he declines or adapts for each function ring, earrings, necklace. As a result, his creations are original, innovative with unexpected forms but always confortable.
Daniel Vior was born in 1965. 1983 : is studying jewellery at the Escola d’Arts i Oficis in Barcelona and is trained by M. Joan Ysalgue during 7 years as a goldsmith and designer.
1990 : settled as an self employed jeweller and creates genuine jewels. He acquires his own language and explores hand-crafted knowhow enabling this language. Creation with Sergi Cardonna of Daniel Vior S.L., in 1996, he launches the first collection of very unique and exclusive jewels.
The meaning of life is inspiring Daniel Vior designs. He concentrates with an almost scientific point of vue on nature, plant-life, malacology from which he extracts patterns. He explores their significations and possibilities. His structural jewels are desires and feelings metaphors in relation with postures like attracting, coming closer, conceiving, growing, being flexible, touching, concentrating or diluting.